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NPTU International Students Scholarships

NPTU scholarships are available for prospective students for along with submitting their admission application online.
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The award period will be one academic year; however, the currently-enrolled international students can apply for the scholarships each academic year. The maximum award years for each degree are as follows
>> Undergraduate programs: 4 years
>> Master’s programs: 2 years
>> Doctoral programs: 3 year

Undergraduate Programs
(maximum for 4 years)

Graduate Programs
(maximum for 2-3 years)

Tuition fees waiver
NTD 4,000 stipends per month

dormitory fee waiver

Elite Scholarship:
1.Tuition fees waiver
2.Living expense aid

   PhD: NTD 10,000 stipends per month

   Master: NTD 6,000 stipends per month

3.Dormitory fee waiver

Brilliance Scholarship:
1.Tuition fees waiver

2.Dormitory fee waiver

Excellence Scholarship:
Tuition fees waiver 

living expense stipends per month 

dormitory fee waiver

※The list of NPTU scholarship awardee and the types of NPTU scholarships are reviewed and determined by the NPTU scholarship committee according to the applicant's academic performance.


Taiwan government and other organizations also provide scholarships for international students.

Government Scholarships

▶ MOE Taiwan Scholarship

▶ MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

Please note that being offered a scholarship does not guarantee admission to NPTU, and vice versa. The Taiwan Scholarship awardees or other organizations scholarship awardees should not apply for NPTU scholarships.

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