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Notification of the Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information of National Pingtung University Applicants

In the event that National Pingtung University (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) needs to collect, process or use your personal information (based on minimum requirements without handling unnecessary personal information) for the purpose of admission, examination affairs execution, public notice posting, information (communication) and database management, statistical analysis, student data management after admission and any other related or necessary purpose, such collection, processing or use will be conducted in adherence to the following principles by upholding your rights and in good faith. In order to protect your rights and facilitate your understanding of how the University collects and uses your personal information, please make sure that you carefully read all of the contents in this notification (If you are under the age of 20, please notify your legal representative or custodian of the following details).

1. Name of the institution: National Pingtung University (hereafter referred to as the University).

2. Purpose of collecting personal information:

The personal information is collected exclusively for the purposes of executing examination affairs related to the college entrance exam (134) (“Items for Specific Purpose” stipulated in “Personal Data Protection Act”, the same should apply hereinafter), providing information (communication) services concerning examination results, recruitment, distribution, use of certificate (135), information (communication) and database management (136), educational research and statistical research analysis (157), student (staff) data management (158), academic research (159) and any other task which is necessary for the completion of the college entrance examination or any other purpose consented by the examination candidate.

3. Method of collecting personal information:

(1) Direct collection of your personal information by the University, e.g. personal information of candidates sent by candidates in person, or acquired through postal mail or the registration made on the Internet

(2) Indirect collection of your personal data by the University through specializing institutes (e.g. College Entrance Examination Center and Testing Center for Technological and Vocational Education), research institutes or schools (e.g. universities, senior high schools and vocational high schools)..

4. Categories of personal information:

The personal information of candidates collected by the University is the information required for the two categories of examination affairs: basic data, and application for special examination arrangements for candidates with special needs:

(1) Basic information:

Personal information categories, such as individual identifier (C001): (“Specific Personal Data” stipulated in “Personal Data Protection Act”, the same should apply hereinafter), financial condition identifier (C002), identifier within government information (C003), personal profile (C011), resident certificate in the case of immigrant (C033), occupations (C038), licenses or other permits (C039), school records (C051) and qualifications or records (C052), occupational forte (C054), publications (C056), students (participants), examination participation records (C057), current status of being employed (C061), course of employment (C062), course of employment departure (C063), work experience (C064), training records (C072), which entail name, number of national identification card (including resident certificate) or passport, date of birth, photo, gender, education information, emergency contact person, resident address, email address, contact information, fund transfer account (to provide registration fee for low-income households and lower middle-income households), education qualification, professional technique, job title, job description, period of employment, past jobs, service record, military service record, certificates of low income household and lower middle-income household.

(2) Application for special examination arrangements:

In addition to the above information, health records (C111) and examinee records (C057) will be collected in the case of the application for special examination arrangements by candidates with special need (disabled candidates, candidates suffering from sudden injury or illness).

5. Processing and use of personal information:

(1) The period within which the personal data can be used:

Unless otherwise stipulated by the law or the central competent authority in respect of the retention period of personal information obtained from the holding of examination, the retention period of the personal information by the University shall be the time required for the above purposes for collection to be fulfilled.

(2) The area where the personal information is used: The Taiwan area (including Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu) or the regions agreed or authorized by you for information processing and use. .

(3) Object of the use of personal information:

Those that are eligible to use the personal information shall be extended to respective units of the University. The health records of examinees who apply for special examination arrangements shall be used exclusively by the University for the purpose of providing examination services and may not be used for any other purpose.

(4) Methods of using the personal information:

Methods which are necessary for the execution of examination affairs, admission, reporting to the University, verification, registration, management of new students by the University, contact with candidates (parents, guardians), disclosure required to ensure the integrity of examination affairs (public notice posting), academic research and any other method (“Items for Specific Purpose” stipulated in “Personal Data Protection Act”, the same should apply hereinafter) which is required for the fulfillment of the above collection purposes.

6. Candidates may request to inquire, review or make duplications of the personal information, supplement or correct the personal information, request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information and request to delete the personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Act. When exercising the above right, a candidate shall submit application after his/her identity has been verified in accordance with the regulations of this university. If an application is made by an entrusted person, a letter of authorization shall be submitted together with the identification document of the entrusted person for verification. However, it is not limited to the circumstance where the University is obligated by law to preserve the information, keep it confidential and ensure its integrity.

If an applicant fails to meet the above requirements, the University may request the applicant to provide supplementary information in order to proceed with the application.

7. All candidates shall make sure that the personal information provided is true and accurate. If any personal information of a candidate is untrue or to be modified, the candidate shall promptly submit the relevant supporting document to the University for such correction.

8. Please be reminded that a candidate’s failure to provide true and complete personal information may lead to his or her inability to register for the examination or to be contacted during emergency, or the failed delivery of examination results, which will adversely affect the candidate’s participation in the examination, the subsequent examination affairs and the candidate’s receiving of examination services.

9. The University may provide personal information or the relevant information according to the law or upon the request by the central competent authority or the judicial authority.

10. Some of the University’s websites will record user’ IP address, using time, browser, browse and clicked data, etc. The records will only be used as the reference for the University’s management and improvement of its website service.